Sunday, November 27, 2005

Web skipping, mind boggling

Retrace my steps on my journey, if you will.

First, I was looking for information on Gordon Ramsay at Royal Hospital Road, when I ran across a website called which had some really incredible pictures and restaurant reviews. On the London restaurants page, I noted a reference to The Fat Duck, which is apparently the highest rated restaurant in the world.

The review of The Fat Duck led me to the blog of someone who interned in their kitchen for a few months. (It's a fascinating read, by the way.) Most of the action begins in April of 2005 but one particular entry caught my eye.

It mentioned a bizarre phrase: "meat glue". Say what? Googling this led me to an article on MSNBC, which mentioned a thread on eGullet, both of which mentioned a website for a product called Activa TG, a.k.a. transglutaminase.

Life is strange.

As a postscript, I recommend the for checking out pics of food for some of the high-end places you've dined at or of the places you'd like to dine at.


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