Monday, October 03, 2005

dressing up ramen

This entry is also known as a filler entry. :D Ramen, while not high concept, high class food, can be a nice, easy meal, especially if you dress it up a little.

One of my favorite variants is the following:
1. Boil slightly more water than usual.
2. Drop in a few frozen dumplings. Boil for 2-3 minutes.
3. Add ramen noodles and soup packet.
4. At finish time minus 30-45 seconds (from what it says on the package directions), drop in an egg and swirl it around. Lower the heat immediately. If you like the light ribbons of egg, slightly beat it before adding to the pot. I like it slightly poached, so I just drop it in and swirl it around a teeny bit.
5. When egg is almost completely set, dump out in to a bowl full of chopped scallions.
6. Top with some crumbled dried seaweed.

Once in a while, I just drop in some frozen peas into the plain ramen. Generally, quick-cooking veggies like sprouts or spinach make a good addition. I like to squeeze some lime or lemon in with some basil and cilantro, pho-style sometimes.


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