Monday, October 17, 2005

Worst food ever

I should really say "food" in quotes because I don't think what I'm about to write about can really qualify as food.

- a tablespoon of sugar
- a tiny tiny pinch baking soda

- a lightly greased metal saucepan (non-stick is best) or a metal ladle.
- a chopstick or bamboo skewer
- a slick surface (try a silpat or some foil wrapped around pan, lightly greased)
- another slick surface (see above)

I actually have a kit my sister and brother-in-law purchased for me.

This thing is called a "dargona" with a long "o" or "poki" (not like the Hawaiian poki -- if you couldn't tell from the ingredients, there is something weird with you).

How to "cook":
- Melt sugar over low heat. You really want it low so that you don't accidentally look away and burn the sugar. Keep stirring it with your stick.
- Keep cooking until your sugar caramelizes to a nice light to medium amber.
- Remove from heat and immediately stir in the pinch of baking soda.
- Stir just until your caramel has turned light and fluffy, probably like 2 or 3 seconds tops.
- Slam stuff out onto slick surface #1 and then press with slick surface #2 to about a milimeter or so thickness.
- Optional: Use your stick to play with the leftover goop in the pan and spin neat-o sugar web.
- Optional: Use cookie cutters to lightly press a pattern into the flattened sugary goodness.
- Eat.

This is probably one of the worst things you could eat. It's as bad as pure sugar, but the caramelizing and "fluffing" stages make this even more delicious than plain sugar, so it's highly addictive. I make this maybe twice a year, except it's more like a quadruple recipe. It's sick, I tell you.

Hmm. I bet this could benefit from the addition of a tiny bit of butter. Yum.


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