Monday, October 17, 2005

Fish run amok

We had a big sushi party on Saturday. We probably had around 12 people for dinner. Joe brought home a crazy amount of salmon (I'd guess 2 lbs) and tuna (a ridiculous 4.5 lbs -- an estimate), as well as some cooked shrimp. Seppo and I provided a pound of hamachi, two unagi, some vegetables and pickles, nori, wasabi, spicy sauce (for spicy tuna), and sushi rice. Uyen and Charles brought profiteroles and some really sick and rich double chocolate cookies. Klay and Nana brought crab claw meat, avocados, and ice cream (no, not served together). Colin provided grilled asparagus and sliced peaches (and not for dessert -- gasp). Hee.

It was an insane amount of food. We really should have taken some pictures. We had so much leftover fish that we asked Uyen, Charles, and Long to come over for dinner on Sunday. They brought mashed potatoes and peas with proscuitto. Yum. We ate ourselves silly and we STILL have a couple of tuna steaks and an unagi in the freezer.

Uyen says she's going to have a Vietnamese rolling party soon. I am going to hold her to it.


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