Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Almond "Brittle"

The "brittle" is in quote marks because it's not actually hard and brittle, but more crispety-crunchety. *cough* [Side note: Instead of typing "cough", I repeatedly typed "gough" then "gouge". I don't know why.]

The crispier, less hard/brittle quality is achieved by throwing in a pinch of bakig soda into a pretty straight-forward brittler recipe... Which is just hardened, caramelized sugar.

WHOA, hold on there, cowboy.

I just looked up some peanut brittle recipes to check that my assertion was correct, only to find that many already contain baking soda! I am totally shocked. Well, why the hell are they so brittle and hard then? Sheesh.

I guess there is no secret recipe to give away here then. My version was a modification of something I had previously posted about, where you basically add toasted slivered almonds.

One of the interesting things we had at Gordon Ramsay was something off the dessert tray called "honeycomb". It was this rich deep golden colored crunchy, sugarly confection with all sorts of holes in it, much like a honeycomb. I believe that is exactly like the recipe I posted, except with the addition of honey for flavoring. I loved the novelty of finding something so low-brow (IMO) at a high-brow place, but I supposed I shouldn't have been so surprised as GR often extolls the virtues of getting food that people already like (like home-y stuff) and making it well. Another delightful item was cotton candy. It was just cotton candy. Fun! :D

In actuality, I think I prefer the plain sugar version of the brittle. And it's better when it's pressed out into uber-thin leaves.


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