Saturday, March 10, 2007

Salmon Cornets

Last year, we were fortunate enough to dine at The French Laundry.

Last month, we attempted to make our own salmon cornets (which I keep calling "salmon coronets" which... is kind of a disturbing thought). Here is the head to head:

Finished Salmon Cornet

Theirs is of course much nicer looking, but actual flavor- and texture-wise, ours competed quite well.

By the way, don't make the f!@&ing cornets. They take forever and aren't that good. I'm kind of sad that the batch from my test run turned out so much better than the batch I served to the guests.

This entry won't tell you how to make this dish because I don't think they'd like for me to give out the recipe.

The ingredients await my punishment.

Most of the ingredients for cornets

Die, butter, die!


A most unimpressive view of them before they hit the oven:

Before the suckers hit the oven

I didn't take a picture of the rolling step because I was too busy cursing Thomas Keller and trying not to burn my fingertips with the oven in my face and hardening batter in my hands, but here is the finished product:

Finished cornets

I've been reading the blog of a woman who is going to try to cook every recipe from the French Laundry Cookbook. I've been excited to see her tackle the recipes, but so far, she's cooked mostly things we have made before. It's wise, since they are the easiest items from the book, but I am looking forward to the more complex dishes getting documented.


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