Sunday, March 20, 2005


So, the Yang to Angelfish's Yin, Geta's the local cheap take-out sushi joint that we frequent when we're not rolling around in $$.

While the selection is limited, there's no ambience to speak of, and the seating's limited to maybe four tables, for a take-out weekday sushi experience, Geta can't be beat. The fish is quite good, the rolls are tasty, and the ever-expanding menu is finally starting to include some of what I consider to be "staples" of a sushi restaurant.

A rainbow roll (CA roll w/ maguro, salmon, avocado & shrimp on top) runs you $4.95, and two rainbow rolls is almost enough for a full meal. Contrast that with the rainbow roll at Angelfish, which is 25% larger, but costs $10, and the value becomes apparent. Quality-wise, Geta's 85% of Angelfish, but it's 40% better than anywhere else that even comes close, price-wise. And yes, those are statistics pulled straight out of my butt.

But my usual Geta meal is a rainbow roll, a spicy tuna roll (the sauce they use varies from the traditional Korean hot sauce to a creamier mayo-based sauce similar to Angelfish's, though Geta's contains some wakame, which is a pleasant addition), and a chicken kara-age appetizer. That combo runs about $12, if I remember correctly. If you want the onigiri, $1.95 buys you two giant rice balls, one with a tart pickled plum paste in the center, the other with a small slab of grilled salmon fillet. One order is enough for a lunchtime meal, making it the cheapest, best quality, best value lunch I've ever seen.

If you ever need sushi for many people for cheap, Geta is your answer, and the only answer that's even worth considering.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it would be awesome if you guys snapped some pictures of the food for this blog, either when it's plated or while you both are making it. Maybe not while you're eating out at a nice place, because that would be a little strange, but I think adding a picture here or there to your entries would really hit your points home.

Besides, all the new blogs these days have a visual aid to go along with their entries. ;)

- Mike

12:31 PM  
Blogger casacaudill said...

Alan will no longer allow me to go to Geta as it gave him food poisoning this fall.

We should all go to Sushi House in Alameda. I'm curious to see what you guys would think of that place.

9:26 AM  
Blogger ei-nyung said...

Where is Sushi House? *goes off to check

10:48 AM  
Blogger casacaudill said...

It's in Alameda, right on the water, in the South Shore shopping center or something like that. You know where the Trader Joe is? Right behind there.

11:44 PM  
Blogger Seppo said...

So, we've actually been to Sushi House, and it's one of the most mediocre sushi experiences I've ever had. They have a very wide variety of rolls, but they're ... sort of haphazard - and they're not cheap, either. They run comparable to within maybe 5% of Angelfish, and for the price, I'd *always* rather spend that extra 5% for the additional quality that Angelfish delivers.

I'd much rather even go back to the uber-cheap sushi boat place in the City (Sakana-bune?), 'cause then at least I can eat like a complete glutton for relatively little money.

To me, the Geta/Angelfish dichotomy is perfect - if I want *food*, I go to Geta, if I want to *dine* I go to Angelfish. And everything in between is utterly pointless. ;)

11:27 PM  

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