Saturday, March 19, 2005


No, this doesn't relate to food we've made, so much as food we've eaten. We found out about Angelfish through a friend early last year, and it rapidly became my parents' favorite sushi joint. And mine - the food they serve there is consistently excellent, and though their selection isn't say, as broad as a lot of the sushi joints that have a huge variety of bizarre combinations, every single thing they serve tastes extraordinary.

Subtle, too - their strength is in the quality of their fish, and most of the things that they make are subtle enough to showcase that the fish is extremely fresh. Even in things as "out there" as a raw tuna "salsa" served on fried wonton "chips," it's always clear that the fish is the main player, and everything else just serves to support it in a slightly different way.

It's quite stunning, and though it's noticably more expensive than most other sushi places we frequent, it's worth it. Between Angelfish and Geta (<- a later post), our top-end and bottom-end (price-wise - I wouldn't get crap sushi) are perfectly covered.


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I'd recommend that people try the hirame and the suzuki in particular. I never leave without getting a suzuki nigiri, something I had previously never tasted before stepping into this joint some half a year or so ago. I just looked it up on my blog, and it looks like we went for the first time last year, May 15th. Reference post here.

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