Friday, March 18, 2005

Chicken and chocolate

Not together though. Seppo made a pan-roasted chicken with shallot & vermouth pan sauce and I made a hot pudding chocolate cake for dinner last night. We invited Seppo's parents over and employed his dad as a sous-chef. :D By that, I mean that we had him cook up broccoli, which was perfectly done. Yum.

The sauce on the chicken was really fabulous. It had just the right balance of flavors, and I was left wanting more. I even used my broccoli to sop up little remnants. The chicken was quite good, but in our desire to see the skin crisped up, we decided to pop it in the broiler for a few minutes after it was done, which we shouldn't have. But the brining had done its job, and it was still very tender and moist. I ::heart:: brining.

The hot pudding cake was surprisingly delicious. It looked terrible both going into the oven and coming out of it. It uses a brownie-like batter, and is sprinkled with cocoa and sugar, then completely covered with a liquid (we used thinned out coffee, per America's Test Kitchen's recipe, but some recipes use water). Out of this muddy concoction comes a moist chocolate-y cake with a slightly crusty (with sugar) top, floating in a pool of self-made chocolate sauce. It was quite good with strawberries. I sent Seppo's dad off with a take-home pyrex bowl of it. I think Seppo was disappointed that I gave away all the leftovers, but we can always make more. :)

All in all, quite a success!


Blogger h said...

Ooh, sounds great. I made a nice pea soup the other day, with split peas, bacon, onions, garlic, baby potatoes and carrots. But there's still so much left! I wonder how well it would freeze...

12:34 AM  
Blogger ei-nyung said...

I was inspired by the pics you had on your website of the food you had made. And in a similarly inspired fashion, we got a bunch more of the cheap-o plasticware stuff, all in the same portion sizes to pack lunches in. :) Thanks!

11:36 PM  

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