Saturday, May 10, 2008

Game Plan for Wedding Cupcakes

This is my cupcake baking schedule. Seppo is spearheading the frosting, so he'll have his own schedule. He is still figuring out if he should frost the night before or the morning of, or on location. We'll test with our cake boxes to see what rattling them around in the car will do.

Sometime before wedding:
- Get ice cream scoop w/ that swiveling thingy to portion out perfectly uniform amount of batter
- Borrow U&C's Kitchenaid? May not be necessary from what I've seen, but could be helpful.

Weekend before wedding:
- Buy all staples (flour, sugar, etc.). Get Dutched cocoa from Peet's.
- Weigh out 6 double recipe amounts of flour and portion into separate baggies. Do same with sugar.
- Chop/shave 6 double recipe amounts of chocolate and portion into separate baggies with dutched cocoa.

Wednesday night before wedding:
- Make sure kitchen is super-sparkling clean and ready to go.
- Triple check all ingredients and hardware to make sure we have everything.
- Make sure we have leftovers or take-out/delivery plans for Friday.

Thursday night before wedding:
- Make 1 double batch of cupcakes. Should take less than 2 hours for prep to out-of-oven according to my trials.
- Put together cupcake-tranport boxes and lay them out on the dining room table.

Friday (take day off):
- Make 4 double batches. This should take 7-9 hours & I should assume some major mishap will happen, so start as early in the morning as possible.
- Make another double batch if there are a number of duds.

Friday night:
- Box up all the cupcakes
- Pack up car with cupcake stands (easier to transport in their boxes)

Saturday morning:
- Get to venue at the earliest allowable time
- Set up cupcake stands (and make sure the cupcake holding part will reliably hold cupcakes)

Frosting will happen in parallel sometime Friday or Saturday morning.


Blogger casacaudill said...

frost on location, definitely.

4:45 PM  
Blogger h said...

I continue to be positively floored by the amount of effort you are putting into this. We're so honored.

Earliest Possible Time to arrive on Saturday = 2:00pm

8:49 AM  

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