Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I'm sure I've done something like this before (This is Seppo - Ha! I've ruined Holly's little game...), but I figured I'd do it again, because it's likely that there are random things that have changed in the time since I did it last.

My favorite places to eat:

* Cheap Sushi: Geta (Piedmont Ave.)
* Expensive Sushi: Angelfish (Alameda)
* Upscale but quick dinner: Gregoire (Piedmont Ave.)
* Indian Take-Out: Raj Indian Cuisine (Piedmont Ave.)
* Cheesesteaks: The Cheesesteak Shop (Lakeshore Ave.)
* Brunch: Merritt Bakery (South side of Lake Merritt)
* Chocolate Croissant: Semifreddi's Bakery (Emeryville (yes, I realize my "location" tags are really inconsistent)
* BBQ: Doug's (Emeryville) (sorry, Your Neighborhood Backyard BBQ - you know I love you, but Doug's beats you by just a touch, 'cause they're consistent)
* Burgers: The Smokehouse (Telegraph Ave.)
* Pizza: Zachary's (College Ave.)
* Burrito: Cactus Taqueria (College Ave.)
* Ice Cream: Fenton's (Piedmont Ave.)
* Food on a stick: Askew (Emeryville)
* Fries: Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe (Emeryville)
* Korean Food: Sahn Maru (Telegraph Ave.) (though part of me thinks the *real* answer is Ohgane, and I'm just saying Sahn Maru 'cause I feel guilty)
* Asian Fusion: Cuvae (College Ave.)
* Asian Fusion (Small Plates): Gochi (really damn far)
* Ramen: Himawari (San Mateo)
* Most Frequented Grocery Store: Safeway, in the Rockridge Plaza
* Farmer's Market: The one under the 580 freeway on Sat. mornings
* Vietnamese Sandwiches: That place in San Jose that I can't remember the name of.
* Dim Sum: Koi Palace (Daly City)
* French: Aperto (San Francisco)
* Lunch on a workday: The Thai place in the Emeryville Public Market (Emeryville)

Notably Terrible Experiences:

* Bangkok Palace (Grand Ave.)
* Herbivore (San Francisco)

Places I wish were better, but aren't:

* Samurai Sushi Boat (Grand Ave.)


Blogger Jeremy said...

Bookmarked: for the inevitable future trip to the bay area.

6:50 AM  
Anonymous Becky said...

Sushi Boat on Grand is a weird experience. We've gone when there are basically empty boats passing by and ordered straight with the sushi chefs to get exactly what we want. Then there have been times when everything that comes around is new and fun and tastes great. What I love is that they remember us, remember my specific request, and are always very nice to us.

My favorite sushi place though is Tachibana on College.

9:58 AM  
Blogger h said...

I still need to try Koi Palace. :)

2:53 PM  

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