Sunday, July 31, 2005

watermelon water ice

A few days ago, we got some fruit from Trader Joe's. Most of the fruit was really quite lousy, and one of the items was a watermelon that had decent texture, but not a tremendous amount of flavor. So, rather than eating it in its current state, which was somewhat unsatisfying, I spooned it out into a blender, added a little sugar, and a single ice cube (so that the blender had something to toss around), and turned it into a smoothie. I drank that, then realized that I had another half watermelon, and nothing really compelling to do with it.

So, I did the same process to that one, and stuck it in the fridge, in the ice cube containers and froze it. I ate two of the blocks, but they were kind of unsatisfying as well, not to mention hard to eat, because they didn't have any "handles." So, I figured, I'll turn 'em back into a smoothie. I tossed the cubes into Joe's blender (which is a little more hardcore than our KitchenAid), and started to blend 'em up. Without any liquid, it was slow going, so I added some simple syrup I had lying around from the plum soup I made last week.

Blend blend blend, and a couple minutes later, I had something that resembled a sorbet. Yum. I brought it over to Ei-Nyung, and she immediately (and correctly) likened it to Water Ice - a treat we had when in Philly. Exactly the same consistency, and more or less the same flavor, without the chemically overtones of artificial watermelon flavor.

Excellent. I've gotta do this again sometime.


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Blogger ei-nyung said...

Testing comment posting. I think the comment count should update automatically right away now, instead of getting all queued up until the next publish.

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Blogger casacaudill said...

I'll have Alan send you our recipe (courtesy of Alton Brown) for sorbet. He makes it all the time with watermelon and has recently tried it with blackberries. He loves it and it's a much cheaper way to get one's sorbet fix than running out and buying Haggen Daaz.

5:57 PM  
Blogger kerowack said...

You guys haven't eaten in quite some time...

1:20 PM  
Blogger Seppo said...

Well, since I've been at work 'till past 8pm every weeknight in the last three weeks, and haven't had a day off in more than a month, yeah, we haven't done much.

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