Monday, April 11, 2005

The New Best Recipe

We've cooked a bunch of things from Cook's Illustrated, or America's Test Kitchen (depends on your preferred medium), and everything they've put up has been incredible. So, when I saw The New Best Recipe at Barnes & Noble the other day, I had to get it. 1,000 recipes, compiled over the last decade or so, all done in the inimitable Cook's Illustrated manner. That is, tested to death, to the point where every detail has been scrutinized, and optimized. The book's full of useful reviews of equipment, ingredients, and various hints and tips. We've got three of the America's Test Kitchen books, which serve as companions to the show, and a subscription to Cook's Illustrated, but The New Best Recipe is far and away, the best bang for the buck, short of the TV show, which is free.

Definitely worth a look.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy crap! I've gotta get that for my wife. She makes stuff from the magazine all the time and they're always great. She loves it.

Thanks for the heads up!


4:08 PM  

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